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Our Dental Family

Hygienist-Leigha Clark

Leigha Clark female Dental Hygienist


Leigha has been with Dr. Stroud since 2012. She graduated Waltonville High School in 2002 and John A Logan College in 2004.  

Leigha has been a Hygienist for over 13 years both dealing with private practice and public health. 

Leigha and her husband Phillip Clark have a 3 year old son together, Ladd and another son due in July.  They live on a farm where they raise cattle and horses and compete  locally with their horses in team sorting events. 

"My  family, my friends, my faith are what keep me grounded and whole. I  feel blessed to be part of a dental team/family at Rend Lake Dental with  Dr. Jessica Stroud."

Hygienist-Olivia Wissinger

Olivia Wissinger female dental hygienist


Olivia has worked for Rend Lake Dental since 2015 as a dental hygienist.

Olivia is  a graduate from Benton Consolidated High School where-after she later  attended John A. Logan College. There, she graduated in 2008 as a  registered dental hygienist.

 Olivia has a daughter named Emmalyn and a yorkie named Abby.

"I  enjoy spending time with my daughter, enjoying time with my family and  friends, and cooking and traveling whenever I can and love taking in the  sites wherever I am."

Office Manager- Tonya Cloe

Tonya Miller Cloe female office manager


Tonya  attended Sesser-Valier High School and later went on to study at Rend Lake College. 

Tonya has been with Dr. Strouds staff since 2012 and has been the Office Manager at Rend Lake Dental since 2016.

Tonya has two daughters, Kennedy and Kassedy and two dogs named Chigger and Scooter.

"I  enjoy spending time with my family and friends when I get time away  from work family at Rend Lake Dental. I love cooking and more  importantly I love the Dallas Cowboys!"

Lab Technician

Anthony Martin Dental Lab tech


Anthony has been with Rend Lake Dental since 2017. 

Graduated Sesser-Valier High School in 2005

Graduated Rend Lake College with degrees in Arts and Science

Together, he and Dr. Stroud have a family of of six with four boys. 

Anthony enjoys church, getting tattoos, and is an avid sports fan...go Ravens!

Dr. Sunny Drukteinis D.M.D, M.S., Ph.D

Dr. Sunny board certified periodontist placing implants.

Dr. Sonny is a board certified periodontist.  

He has published numerous articles on periodontal surgeries and implantology.  

Dr.  Sonny is committed to lifelong learning and dental academics.  He is a member of the American Board of Periodontology and the American Dental Association.  

Our Dentists

Dentist- Jessica Stroud DMD

Dr. Stroud is a graduate of Waltonville High School, Rend Lake College, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.   She is currently a member of  the American Dental Association, Southern Illinois Dental Society, American Association of Implant Dentists, the GROWS implant study club, the  American Association of Women Dentists, and the Benton/West City Area  Chamber of Commerce. 

"My biggest reasons for starting my own  practice were my staff and my patients.   Starting my own  practice would not have been so successful without Gods guidance.  I  found an awful looking building that “luckily” (God) the owners were  willing to completely rehab it for a dental practice.  Everything was  refinished.  I picked every tiny aspect of it and designed it with  patient and staff ease and comfort in mind.   I’m really proud of it now  and the journey has been great." 


 She enjoys making her patients  and staff feel like they are part of our family.  Dentistry is stressful  for everyone involved so we try to make it less stressful with  different types of music and a family type atmosphere. 

" I personally  love all varieties of music.  I have four sons that are 4 months, 6,7 and 8.   I  was made to be a boy mom but I’d love to have a girl in the future.  I  enjoy exercise, owning my own business, and doing continuing education.   I am addicted to challenges, learning, and goals." 

Jessica Stroud DMD female dentist
Jessica Stroud DMD female dentist

Dr.Siva Reddy Guvva BDS MBA MS


Dr. Guvva is a Prosthodontist. He is originally from India where he graduated from Dental School. He did 5 years of  private practice there and then moved to United States to pursue Prosthodontic Speciality.  Dr Guvva Graduated from University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He loves dentistry and his specialty includes implant restorations, crowns, bridges, veneers, all on 4 restorations, and dentures.

He can create beautiful smiles, function and makes people more confident about their smile.

When he’s not practicing dentistry Dr.Guvva enjoys playing basket ball and hiking.

Dr.Guvva is a Member of American College of Prosthodontists(ACP), American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry(AACD),Academy of Osseo-integration (AO) and American Dental Association.